We were thrilled that three of our executives spoke at this year’s ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, CA.

CEO John Katzman delivered a keynote titled “Steering Ed Tech Towards the Public Good”, in which he explores whether, 30 years in, technology has made education measurably better and significantly less expensive.


Watch to hear John’s thoughts on:

  • Why education is hard to change
  • Faulty assumptions made by education companies
  • How we can - and must - do better
  • Why colleges are terrible marketers

John Katzman Delivers Keynote at ASU+GSV 2022

Chief Strategy Officer Lee Bradshaw participated in a panel titled “Education as A Benefit: A Powerful Edge for Employers."


Watch to hear Lee’s thoughts on:

  • The connective tissue between hospital systems, universities, and nursing students
  • Why small/medium size companies need to take education as a benefit more seriously
  • How optimizing for cost is optimizing for loss when it comes to corporate learning

Lee Bradshaw Speaks at ASU+GSV 2022

Chief Program Officer Stephen Green participated in a panel titled “Universities and EdTech Partnerships for the Future of Education."


Watch to hear Stephen’s thoughts on:

  • What most urgently needs to change in edtech
  • Why the private sector and universities must collaborate to innovate
  • How to elevate the impact university graduates will have


Stephen Green Speaks at ASU+GSV 2022