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The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Assistant Director Kevin Tuohy joined Inside Higher Ed to talk about expansion of their online pathway with Noodle.
Noodle Founder and CEO John Katzman against a blue background.
John Katzman, Founder and CEO at Noodle joined Laura Dyrda on Becker’s Healthcare Podcast to give insights into his background & organization, what Noodle does for health systems and students, his excitement & nerves going forward in 2024, and more. Katzman also shared what his team is focusing on to support nursing schools and healthcare […]
Noodle Founder and CEO John Katzman against a blue background.
Noodle Founder and CEO, John Katzman, joined Scott Becker on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast to share his thoughts on the challenges professionals face when entering the job market, standardized testing, and more. Katzman also spoke about his current focus, the nursing shortage. “We’re taking the whole notion of collaboration between hospitals and universities […]
The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Noodle Chief of Partner Solutions Bill Rieders joins Inside Higher Ed to discuss the path forward, what’s on the horizon for higher ed, and how schools must respond.
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Noodle joins GSV’s annual list of the most transformational growth companies at the forefront of innovation in digital learning and workforce skills.
The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Noodle CEO John Katzman talks institutional agility with Inside Higher Ed: defining “agile,” why it matters, and what it looks like in practice.
The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Joshua Kim’s overwhelming takeaway from January’s advisory board meeting is that Noodle is a company in transition. And in a good way.
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In this episode, our guest is Noodle CEO and founder John Katzman. We focus on the upcoming September 27-29, 2023 P3-EDU event in Denver, Colorado, delving into the intersection of technology and education, and discussing the role of data in shaping academic outcomes. We talk about the potential misuse of data in education and the need for data in ushering good careers rather than just credentials. We also explore the future of tech in education and the importance of public-private partnerships.
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Seven years ago, we started as a next generation Online Program Manager (OPM), bringing transparency, flexibility and efficiency to that sector. And we were successful: over the past four years, we’ve launched many more programs than any of the incumbents, and built a solid reputation as innovative, hard-working, honest partners.
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The acquisition marks Noodle’s entry into the international market and underscores its commitment to build the highest-quality online learning design and experience for university partners and students.