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Our Values

Innovate, Collaborate, and Thrive

Catalyze Change

We help universities transform themselves to better serve students. We pursue lasting impact—in learning, process, access, technology, and service.

Build Community

We work and communicate collaboratively, transparently, and directly with one another. We celebrate our diversity, modeling the experience we build for our students.

Demand Excellence

We have high standards, and we don’t compromise on them. We commit to getting the job done and done well. We challenge each other in the pursuit of our common mission.

Never Stop Learning

We find meaning in the shared desire to learn and facilitate learning. We grow—both as individuals and as a company—from our mistakes and our successes.

Embrace Joy

We seek joy every day in our respective roles and in one another. We relish the challenge of building a company that does excellent and meaningful work.


Latest Featured Noodlers

Get to know the dedicated team members that provide the expertise behind Noodle’s services.

Bryan Rhee
May 23, 2024
Get to Know Noodle, Digital Marketing Specialist Bryan Rhee “I believe my most effective leadership tools are being transparent and adaptable.” Bryan Rhee is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Noodle. Originally from South Korea but raised in New Jersey, he completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. Bryan shares that his experiences and desires for […]
Reyna Flaris
May 17, 2024
Get to Know Noodle Director of Technical Program Management, Reyna Flaris  “Great leaders leave room for diversity of thought and include as many backgrounds as possible. I believe a good leader is also aware of the privileges they’ve been granted in life— professionally and personally.” Reyna Flaris is the Director of Technical Program Management at […]
Kathy Wasilewski
May 16, 2024
Get to Know Noodle VP, University Engagement and Field Placement, Kathy Wasilewski “A great leader remains authentic while consistently embracing opportunities for learning, growth, and evolution.” Kathy Wasilewski is a VP, University Engagement and Field Placement at Noodle. Originally born in Germany, but raised in Southern California by her parents who are originally from Vietnam. […]
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A group of colleagues working together while sitting at a table.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Noodle is committed to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion across our organization. Creating an even more inclusive culture means we can all bring our best selves to work. We have dedicated resources and a team to support us in finding new ways to educate ourselves, celebrate the diversity of our team and utilize inclusive, equitable practices across Noodle. All these support systems make our company an amazing place to work!


Diversity at Noodle

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding and innovative talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. Noodle values the range of thought, perspective, and lived experience that comes with a diverse workforce.

A pie chart depicting ethnicities at Noodle, 48% White, 5.4% Asian/Indian, 8.1% Black or African American, 4.7% Hispanic or Latino, 0.25% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 28.6% Not Specified, and 4.9% Two or more races.
A pie chart depicting gender at Noodle; 49% Female, 20.4% Not specified, 0.7% Non-Binary, and 29.8% Male.

Careers at Noodle

Working at Noodle means joining a bustling network of experts at the forefront of innovation in online higher education. If you’re passionate about working at the intersection of higher education and technology, join us.

Certified B Corporation.

B Corp Certification

Meeting The Highest Standards of Excellence

In 2021, Noodle underwent a rigorous certification process to be named a B Corp, a designation for companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As a B Corp, Noodle joins a distinguished group of businesses including Ben & Jerry’s, Intrepid Travel, Patagonia, Thrive Market, Toms and Warby Parker.

The B Corp Certification doesn’t just evaluate a product or service – it assesses the overall positive impact of the company that stands behind it. Using the B Impact Assessment, B Lab evaluates how a company’s operations and business model impact its workers, community, environment, and customers. To achieve the B Corp Certification, a company must achieve a score of at least 80 points on the assessment.

View Noodle’s Impact Assessment

Read Noodle’s press release announcing its B Corp Certification

Read a conversation with CEO John Katzman in Inside Higher Ed


We’re glad you’re noodling about Noodle.
See some answers to our most common questions.

We increase access to life-changing learning by making our university partners more resilient, responsive, efficient, and interconnected.

Recognizing the diverse challenges and goals of each university, our suite of offerings is designed not as a one-size-fits-all approach, but as a palette of tailored solutions. From conception to execution, we align our expertise with your vision, ensuring that our partnership enhances your university’s mission and elevates its potential.

Our tech-enabled services include: Program & Learning Design, Marketing, Enrollment, Student Support & Placement, and Strategic Consulting

As a fully remote company with a spacious Chelsea Piers, New York City home office, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential in driving innovation and creating positive change. Unbound by geography, our remote model allows us to recruit the best mix of talents to create a dynamic environment where different perspectives and ideas are encouraged. From our hiring process to daily interactions within teams, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

We are fueled by community and connection. Every Noodler is provided access, onboarding, and a warm welcome to user-friendly tools and platforms to help stay in touch, as needed, throughout the day.
Our commitment to open communication and teamwork can be seen through various initiatives such as our company-wide weekly newsletter – Orecchiette, regular team meetings, many lively Slack channels, engaged and active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and our accessible Noodle Support system.