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A letter from John Katzman to our higher ed partners, present and future

August 15, 2020

To our higher ed partners, present and future:

I hope this note finds you healthy and that your university community is navigating the campus diaspora.

We’re based in New York, and have seen both the immense challenge that COVID-19 poses and the best of the human spirit to rise in the face of adversity. On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank the healthcare professionals, public servants, and others who are risking their well-being to keep us healthy and safe.

‍This crisis has shown how quickly higher ed can move, and highlighted the differences between on-campus, remote and online learning. We are working hard to help several universities move to agile learning and create vibrant communities that move seamlessly between on-campus and online learning (as necessary or useful). Because now is the moment for everyone to pitch in together, it should go without saying that we are diverting internal funds and staff toward this effort and doing this work at no fee or at cost.

‍Specifically, we are focused on:

  • Helping faculty create strong asynchronous materials for their summer and fall courses, and to use Zoom and other tools more effectively.
  • Working with IT to make the online experience more social and usable.
  • Building out a virtual support center with work-study students.

‍There’s a lot more to do, of course, to create excellent online programs and move to an agile campus. Ideally, the work we do now to prepare for an unknown fall 2020 should be in line with a digital transformation that raises student:faculty engagement and capacity while lowering costs.

‍Please know we stand ready to be of assistance.


John Katzman
Founder and CEO, Noodle Partners

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