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A rolled up diploma sits vertically on top of a graduation cap with a light beaming out of it, like a lighthouse.
Traditional higher ed has largely forgone the growing lifelong learning market. In its place, the space has been filled by providers who describe their programs as alternative credentials. But alternative is a misnomer.
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A deep dive into the future of higher education partnerships from the Post-OPM symposium  On March 5–6, an event convened by Noodle assembled a diverse group of stakeholders in higher education to discuss the evolving landscape of online program management (OPM).  The symposium “Post OPM: Exploring the Future of Higher Education Partnerships” featured a dialogue […]
A woman with a tablet sits on a planet in the center of a solar system.
In the realm of marketing for higher education, institutions are increasingly taking notes from the business world by exploring innovative strategies to engage with their customers—prospective students, in this case—across various platforms and touch points. One such strategy is omnichannel marketing, which focuses on creating a seamless and integrated experience for students across all channels, […]
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Budgeting for innovation in higher ed isn’t about numbers. It’s building a culture that fosters innovation and prioritizes when and where to spend its funds.
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The move to blended and online learning spotlights learning design, but it’s hard to measure what is good. Schools committed to the quality of their campus-based education are making decisions that undermine that commitment.
When you’re ready to launch an online program, it’s essential to consider industry demands, accreditation requirements, and engaging key stakeholders. This guide explains how and why to focus on creating an online program that enhances learning through technology rather than simply replicating traditional methods. Key takeaways include:
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With traditional methods of student recruitment undergoing a profound transformation, adaptation is the key to attracting the next generation.
A robotic arm holding a magnifying glass sticks through a circular window opening.
With traditional methods of student recruitment undergoing a profound transformation, adaptation is the key to attracting the next generation.
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Students and faculty alike are demanding more from their universities, specifically more efficiency and flexibility. Technology would seem to be the answer, but with all the available options, finding the right fit can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Instead of focusing on technology as the end-all, be-all solution to every problem, university […]
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Onboarding goes a long way to setting the tone for a student’s academic experience. Make it effective.