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Noodle Tech Stack

Technology to Engage Learners from Inquiry to Graduation

Noodle’s marketing, enrollment, student support and placement, and program and learning design services are powered by an integrated stack of bespoke tools, homegrown solutions, and customized platforms that support the learning ecosystem. 

Our integrated technology solutions eliminate silos across the prospect to learner journey to enable finding the right students, providing them with the right learning environment, and supporting them through their academic journey.

Noodle’s technology solutions are customized to an institutions unique needs, making an efficient, seamless, and secure experience for students and universities.

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Technology to Support the Journey

A blend of customized and integrated tools and technology to support all aspects of the learning journey

Prospect & Student Information Management

Tools to simplify prospect management, track activity, empower enrollment teams, and support students.

Funnel Management

Careful prospect tracking helps driving the right students to the next deadline, while supporting future enrollments.


Central hub for program info throughout the recruitment funnel, built with a focus on technical SEO and UX.

Landing Pages

Meticulously crafted lead-capture experiences, leveraging CRO findings from across Noodle’s portfolio.

Interaction Management

Technology such as appointment scheduling and chatbots allow learners to control the experience while guiding them through the application process.

Omni-Channel Journeys

Integrated SMS, email, voice, and retargeting ads keep programs and application deadlines top of mind.

Retention & Placement Center

Technology that integrates with your SIS to support a holistic view of the student, including placement information.

Marketing & Media Reporting

Transparency in reporting for marketing performance and media channel spend and efficiency.

Cohort Reporting

Insight into recruitment funnel metrics and student performance and retention data to drive strong outcomes.

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Supporting Your Needs

Flexible Technology Solutions to Augment Your Teams

In addition to supporting learners along their journey, our technology can be leveraged to help universities. Our technology solutions team is available to audit an institutions systems and tools. From that audit, that can make recommendations based on what will work best based on the university’s needs.

Noodle’s solutions architecture team works with our network of universities everyday to provide guidance on the technologies that work best. Additionally, Noodle is a preferred partner to Slate.

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