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Marwa Benahmed-Ali
Get to Know Noodle Senior Enrollment Advisor, Marwa Benahmed-Ali “No challenge is too big or small. I am always willing to combat any challenge to make sure our team can thrive!” Marwa Benahmed-Ali is a Senior Enrollment Advisor at Noodle. Born and raised in West Philadelphia, she completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Temple […]
Kiara Richmond
Get to Know Noodle’s Senior Manager, Brand & Corporate Marketing, Kiara Richmond “Great leaders are not afraid of difficult conversations and during times of failure, they remain positive and pull lessons on how to improve and grow.” Kiara Richmond is Noodle’s Senior Manager, Brand & Corporate Marketing. Born and raised in Maryland, she received her […]
Donna Ritchie
Get to Know Noodle’s Senior Vice President, University to Employer, Donna Ritchie “I have always believed that being dedicated, showing up, and working hard to go the extra mile for teammates and customers is foundational for effective leadership.” Donna Ritchie is Noodle’s Senior Vice President of University to Employer services. Originally from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Donna […]
Regularly evaluating your university’s existing programs is key to remaining relevant and meeting the evolving needs of learners and industries. This guide shows how routine auditing of curriculum effectiveness, learner outcomes, faculty engagement, and resource allocation can pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Key takeaways include:
Regina Law
Get to Know Noodle’s VP of Partnership Development, Regina Law “It is not just about allowing people to bring their whole selves to work, but actually creating the conditions where their whole self makes the team stronger.”  Regina Law is Noodle’s VP of Partnerships Development. Originally from New Jersey, she did her undergraduate studies at […]
The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Noodle Chief of Partner Solutions Bill Rieders joins Inside Higher Ed to discuss the path forward, what’s on the horizon for higher ed, and how schools must respond.
Briana Bender
Get to Know Noodle Digital Marketing Specialist, Briana Bender “I think a great leader is able to captivate and inspire those around them. They’re able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and they’re able to overcome adversity when the odds are against them. ” Briana Bender is Noodle’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Born and raised […]
GSV 150 logo
Noodle joins GSV’s annual list of the most transformational growth companies at the forefront of innovation in digital learning and workforce skills.
The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Noodle CEO John Katzman talks institutional agility with Inside Higher Ed: defining “agile,” why it matters, and what it looks like in practice.
Kamilah Lewis
Get to Know Noodle’s Senior Vice President of Partnerships & Head of Demand Generation “Ultimately, a great leader empowers their team, fostering an environment of inclusion, innovation, and achievement.” Kamilah Lewis is Noodle’s Senior VP of Partnerships and Head of Demand Generation. Born and raised in the DMV area. She shares her educational path was  […]