Reyna Flaris
Get to Know Noodle Director of Technical Program Management, Reyna Flaris  “Great leaders leave room for diversity of thought and include as many backgrounds as possible. I believe a good leader is also aware of the privileges they’ve been granted in life— professionally and personally.” Reyna Flaris is the Director of Technical Program Management at […]
Kathy Wasilewski
Get to Know Noodle VP, University Engagement and Field Placement, Kathy Wasilewski “A great leader remains authentic while consistently embracing opportunities for learning, growth, and evolution.” Kathy Wasilewski is a VP, University Engagement and Field Placement at Noodle. Originally born in Germany, but raised in Southern California by her parents who are originally from Vietnam. […]
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Budgeting for innovation in higher ed isn’t about numbers. It’s building a culture that fosters innovation and prioritizes when and where to spend its funds.
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The move to blended and online learning spotlights learning design, but it’s hard to measure what is good. Schools committed to the quality of their campus-based education are making decisions that undermine that commitment.
Noodle Founder and CEO John Katzman against a blue background.
Noodle Founder and CEO, John Katzman, joined Scott Becker on the Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast to share his thoughts on the challenges professionals face when entering the job market, standardized testing, and more. Katzman also spoke about his current focus, the nursing shortage. “We’re taking the whole notion of collaboration between hospitals and universities […]
Josiah Enos
Get to Know Noodle Marketing & Enrollment Learning & Development Specialist, Josiah Enos “Empathy guides me in understanding and connecting with the individuals I lead.” Josiah Enos is an Enrollment Learning & Development Specialist at Noodle. Originally from South Korea but raised in Warwick, Rhode Island, he received his education at Calvin University where he […]
May Hang
Get to Know Noodle People Team Coordinator, May Hang “I used to think leadership was all about projecting confidence and having all the answers. Now I know it’s about being genuine, vulnerable, and willing to learn from your mistakes.” May Hang is a People Team Coordinator at Noodle. Born and raised in the suburbs of […]
When you’re ready to launch an online program, it’s essential to consider industry demands, accreditation requirements, and engaging key stakeholders. This guide explains how and why to focus on creating an online program that enhances learning through technology rather than simply replicating traditional methods. Key takeaways include:
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With traditional methods of student recruitment undergoing a profound transformation, adaptation is the key to attracting the next generation.
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With traditional methods of student recruitment undergoing a profound transformation, adaptation is the key to attracting the next generation.