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EdifyOnline and Noodle Partnership Announcement

August 16, 2022

Birmingham, Ala., August 16, 2022 – EdifyOnline, an education technology company, is proud to announce a multi-year agreement with Noodle, the nation’s fastest-growing online education network of universities, employers and learners, to provide on-demand, qualified Academic Talent from around the globe for a range of value add services to Noodle’s rapidly growing list of partners in the online education space.

Vik Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of EdifyOnline, states, “Working with a leading ed-tech organization has been a phenomenal opportunity for EdifyOnline. We have not only provided additional value-add opportunities that can be scaled across extraordinary leaders and innovators that will determine the future of higher education and lifelong learning – but we are also finding new avenues to provide unique opportunities to leverage phenomenal academic talent and subject matter experts to leverage their expertise.”

John Katzman, Noodle CEO, said, “Providers like EdifyOnline add critical infrastructure and competencies; they are essential parts of an ecosystem that serves students and universities with flexibility, efficiency, and quality.”

Since the launch of the partnership, the collaboration between both parties has led to the identification of new and unique opportunities for EdifyOnline’s pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) and new learner-centric value adds for Noodle’s partners.

Kayvon Touran, Vice President of Noodle, has found a multitude of opportunities through this partnership. “What started as a partnership with EdifyOnline to provide SMEs to provide live course facilitation has already evolved into transcribing synchronous, instructor-paced courses to asynchronous online courses, original content creation, and even more opportunities to come.”

Noodle and EdifyOnline are aligned in establishing a sustainable, scalable, and high-quality ecosystem to serve learners in every stage of their life-long learning journeys.

About EdifyOnline –

EdifyOnline is driving innovation and advancing the accessibility and quality of education by enabling Academic Talent from around the world to support the needs of higher education institutions by creating course content, providing guest lectures, facilitating online learners’ experiences, providing full end-to-end course instruction, and more to support education and learners in the online era. EdifyOnline is a full end-to-end provider, from finding to managing talent as independent consultants, and uses self-managing techniques and tools while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. EdifyOnline’s mission is to provide unique paid opportunities for the underserved subject matter expert population in a central online marketplace. Follow EdifyOnline on LinkedIn

About Noodle  –

Noodle was founded to make education more accessible and affordable by offering an alternative to the traditional online program management (OPM) model. A certified B corporation, Noodle partners with great universities to launch and scale online and hybrid degree programs that are high-quality, accessible and affordable.  In 2022, the company launched an employer partnerships service to help companies find, retain and maximize the performance of great employees, as well as the Noodle Learn Platform, which allows students to discover the best pathways for their career aspirations, and then upskill in a socially-engaging, expert-supported way. Follow Noodle on LinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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