DEI Purpose Statement

At Noodle, we aim to build a strong community for every Noodler. We work to foster aninclusive, positive culture where people of diverse backgrounds including racial and ethnicidentities, gender identities and expressions, sexualities, abilities, and religious affiliationsfeel they are respected, valued, and supported. We also work to support such a culturewith our partners. Through our continuous efforts, we commit to the following:

We commit to always challenging bias and discrimination in our work culture.

We commit to creating an equitable and supportive environment that empowers all Noodlers to pursue their daily work, professional development, and advancementopportunities without limitations.

We commit to clear, honest and open communication around our diversity, equity andinclusion work, even when it becomes uncomfortable.

We commit to make our work an ongoing and sustained effort that is not a destination tobe reached, but a journey to share together.

We commit to never stop learning how to improve our diversity, equity and inclusionpractices. We understand that continuous learning is essential to our purpose for everyNoodler to feel valued, respected and heard.

Updated February 2022