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When you’re ready to launch an online program, it’s essential to consider industry demands, accreditation requirements, and engaging key stakeholders. This guide explains how and why to focus on creating an online program that enhances learning through technology rather than simply replicating traditional methods. Key takeaways include:
Regularly evaluating your university’s existing programs is key to remaining relevant and meeting the evolving needs of learners and industries. This guide shows how routine auditing of curriculum effectiveness, learner outcomes, faculty engagement, and resource allocation can pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Key takeaways include:
It’s a challenge for university and institutional brands to stay relevant and top-of-mind in a competitive, dynamic landscape. A solid understanding of how to continuously engage and connect with your audience can help you craft meaningful messages that resonate. This guide will help you identify the unique challenges and potential solutions for your university. Key […]
Recruitment and enrollment are not one-size-fits-all; unique insights and practical solutions are necessary in order to attract learners. By continuously optimizing recruitment operations and content delivery, you can effectively engage with students and drive enrollment success. This guide explores innovative and practical methods for a fresh approach to recruitment and enrollment. Key takeaways:
Universities are struggling with low completion rates, highlighting the importance of student retention strategies. Limited access to resources, mental health issues, financial difficulties, balancing school and life, workforce uncertainties, and academic stress are among the challenges students face. Effective retention means understanding these challenges and addressing them with a data-driven approach that boosts student engagement […]