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The Noodle logo against a deep blue background.
Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Assistant Director Kevin Tuohy joined Inside Higher Ed to talk about expansion of their online pathway with Noodle.
Michael Chernak
Get to Know Noodle Senior Enrollment Advisor, Michael Chernak “ I believe in trying new things and being creative with the work we do to meet our goals. I’m here to support and advocate for my team so they can do their work productively. This helps them grow, but also keeps our team effective and […]
A rolled up diploma sits vertically on top of a graduation cap with a light beaming out of it, like a lighthouse.
Traditional higher ed has largely forgone the growing lifelong learning market. In its place, the space has been filled by providers who describe their programs as alternative credentials. But alternative is a misnomer.
Noodle Founder and CEO John Katzman against a blue background.
John Katzman, Founder and CEO at Noodle joined Laura Dyrda on Becker’s Healthcare Podcast to give insights into his background & organization, what Noodle does for health systems and students, his excitement & nerves going forward in 2024, and more. Katzman also shared what his team is focusing on to support nursing schools and healthcare […]
Jill Meyer
Get to Know Noodle Enrollment Advisor, Jill Meyer “I feel like a leader should create a space where people are safe to share their ideas and celebrate everyone’s wins.” Jill Meyer is an Enrollment Advisor at Noodle. Originally from San Diego, CA, she received her undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and her MBA […]
A university building in the center of a circular maze of hedges.
A deep dive into the future of higher education partnerships from the Post-OPM symposium  On March 5–6, an event convened by Noodle assembled a diverse group of stakeholders in higher education to discuss the evolving landscape of online program management (OPM).  The symposium “Post OPM: Exploring the Future of Higher Education Partnerships” featured a dialogue […]
A woman with a tablet sits on a planet in the center of a solar system.
In the realm of marketing for higher education, institutions are increasingly taking notes from the business world by exploring innovative strategies to engage with their customers—prospective students, in this case—across various platforms and touch points. One such strategy is omnichannel marketing, which focuses on creating a seamless and integrated experience for students across all channels, […]
Bryan Rhee
Get to Know Noodle, Digital Marketing Specialist Bryan Rhee “I believe my most effective leadership tools are being transparent and adaptable.” Bryan Rhee is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Noodle. Originally from South Korea but raised in New Jersey, he completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. Bryan shares that his experiences and desires for […]
Reyna Flaris
Get to Know Noodle Director of Technical Program Management, Reyna Flaris  “Great leaders leave room for diversity of thought and include as many backgrounds as possible. I believe a good leader is also aware of the privileges they’ve been granted in life— professionally and personally.” Reyna Flaris is the Director of Technical Program Management at […]
Kathy Wasilewski
Get to Know Noodle VP, University Engagement and Field Placement, Kathy Wasilewski “A great leader remains authentic while consistently embracing opportunities for learning, growth, and evolution.” Kathy Wasilewski is a VP, University Engagement and Field Placement at Noodle. Originally born in Germany, but raised in Southern California by her parents who are originally from Vietnam. […]