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Moving Away from an OPM

The Situation

Finding the Right Partner

While navigating a shifting regulatory landscape surrounding the traditional revenue-share OPM model, a prestigious private institution faced declining enrollment in their global business graduate program. Concurrently, there was dissatisfaction with the marketing and recruitment efforts from their revenue-share online program manager. In response, the university began to explore alternatives.

Having recently pivoted from a standard service package to tech-enabled strategy and services tailored to each university’s specific needs, Noodle emerged as the leader.

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The Insight

Need for Nimble Execution

Transitions from one partner to another are never seamless, but the institution needed to prioritize working with a new partner who was able to execute swiftly and with ease.

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The Solution

Maintain Performance While Optimizing For the Future

Noodle initiated a “program takeover” approach to launch the partnership. This method not only facilitated a quick market entry but also enabled Noodle to gather valuable data and craft an effective optimization plan.

Noodle worked with the partner to gain access to marketing assets, including the program website, digital advertising, and emails used in previous marketing campaigns. Within four weeks, Noodle deployed all existing assets as-is, upgrading them where necessary to integrate best practices. For instance, Noodle identified missing search copy extensions from the previous campaigns and revised the emails used to nurture prospects. Once live with upgraded assets, Noodle conducted a 90-day audit of all marketing tactics to determine what to continue and what to modify based on the data collected.

During the four-week asset transition period, Noodle concurrently led discovery sessions with school stakeholders to better understand the strategic vision and core components of the program.

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Our Approach

Benefits in the Strategy

Market Momentum

Activation of a seamless transition of assets; recruitment efforts were maintained to retain market share.

Partnership Building

Early, empathetic listening cultivated trust, establishing a foundation for collaboration and strategic thinking and solutions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Smart, strategic, and precise optimizations were informed by the qualitative and quantitative data gathered during discovery.

The Results

Early Impact

The program takeover strategy enabled swift market re-entry, curbing enrollment declines.


increase in organic search conversion


unique open rate for inquiry journey


points above goal in admit rate

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