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Pride Month Profile: CCA Project Coordinator, Tomás Provencher

June 6, 2022

Get to Know Noodle’s Project Coordinator CCA, Tomás Provencher

The most important aspect of good leadership, I believe, is the ability to make others around you better as well.

‍Tomás Provencher is Noodle’s Project Coordinator, CCA. Originally born in Washington D.C., but raised in Morgantown, WV, they graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Applied Mathematics. Here at Noodle, Tomás supports the CCA team with their passionate leadership skills rooted in relationship building and helps to streamline major projects to build more effective processes. 

What elements or traits does a great leader exhibit?

‍A great leader exhibits empathy, confidence, and compassion. It’s important that a leader is able to understand what the members of their team are dealing with and how to support them with  projects and assignments. Meeting someone where they’re at is important when you work with them daily. 

When you think of great leadership, who comes to mind? Why?

‍I think of my mother. She is always willing to step up for the people who need her the most, and always has a level head! She believes the goal is more important than any compensation, and she is fearless in her willingness to achieve something!

How has your personal leadership style evolved? 

‍I feel that over the past few years I have become more empathetic and modest. My leadership style is focused around my character. I’ve grown into an equitable and passionate leader. I’m very proud of my ability to build meaningful relationships with members of my team and community. By having these skills, I am able to instill passion with my team members as we reach our goals. 

What is it about your background or career experiences that successfully positioned you for your role at Noodle? Describe that role.

‍I feel that my time at RPI really allowed me to shape the type of person and leader I am. As a member of the Project Management team at CCA, I have been able to seamlessly build relationships with my team members— which was something I learned in my experiences as a member of a fraternity, as well as the multiple student activities I participated in college. 

‍How do you support the success of your team?

‍I am able to provide fresh perspectives—especially when it comes to higher ed. I pride myself in being able to pick up projects from team members when they need specialized help. I also feel like I am an efficient worker, which allows our work processes to be more streamlined. Lately, I have spent a significant amount of time working towards building a more efficient work process for us to utilize to eliminate the inefficiencies that we already have.

Describe how your career has been enhanced by exposure to diverse people, places or experiences.

‍Surrounding myself with a diverse group of people has really allowed me to lead with empathy. Growing up Hispanic and coming out as non-binary has come with a lot disrespect and hate. Growing up my family used to  receive dirty looks, have been refused service and even have been  excluded from friend groups and other community gatherings because of the color of our skin. Because of these experiences, I grew up learning how to lead with empathy and treat people with respect. This translates so much in the workplace— especially when you don’t get to choose who you work with. Recognizing the power of diverse teams is important. 

What are some of the most effective tools in your leadership arsenal?

‍Empathy, active listening, punctuality and leading by example.

Please tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to learn.

‍I am an avid film photographer. I spend a significant amount of time traveling around New England taking photos and creating collections. This summer, I will be participating in a few art festivals where I will be selling my photo prints!  It has been a way to escape the world of technology and has helped me slow down and focus on my craft! My creative outlet has always allowed me to focus more in other aspects of my life!

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