Noah Kim

Specialist, Copywriting

Noah is a storyteller on the surface but a story-listener at heart, as he’s a firm believer that a good sponge makes for a better author. He joins Noodle after two years of freelance and contract copywriting where he covered verticals ranging from fashion, to fitness, to food and drink. He’s committed to enhancing his passport of perspectives and will never say no to a niche work experience; he’s lifted stone in the quarries of Wisconsin, cared for livestock on an organic & sustainable farm in central Italy, and served up cocktails in a neighborhood L.A. bar.

Noah graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California with B.A.s in Narrative Studies and Public Relations. Though he now calls L.A. home, he hails from a small suburb of Milwaukee, WI where open plains and lakes abound. He spends his free time and emotional bandwidth creating deep, meaningful relationships. If he’s not hosting loved ones for dinner or drinks, he’s probably sleeping, at the beach, or if he’s really lucky—both.