Margaret Gillespie

Enrollment Advisor

Margaret joins Noodle as an Enrollment Advisor for Boston College. Margaret received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Penn State University with a content focus in English education. Before joining Noodle, Margaret taught Literature in New Orleans and Harlem. While teaching, Margaret led social-emotional learning sessions, designed professional development programming to combat educational inequity, and taught LGBTQ+ history to student organizations. Along with their experience in the classroom, Margaret wrote curriculum, mentored K-12 educators, and sat on the founding board of an LGBTQ+ educators' organization working to create inclusive classrooms for all students. Margaret is passionate about educational equity and creating accessible educational resources. Margaret is excited to support students as they pursue their goals in higher education through Boston College's Masters of Education programs. In their free time, Margaret volunteers counseling youth,  spends time with loved ones, and enjoys creative tasks such as making art and home-improvement projects. They also love to play the guitar, read, cook, and over-analyze TV shows.