David Arena

Managing Director, CRM Platform Operations

Dave joins Noodle with eight years of multifaceted work in the ed tech space at 2U. During his early days at 2U he built and managed a team of Enrollment Services specialists, who managed application data in accordance to several partner universities' policies and procedures. He also spent his time there building the departmental technology and personnel infrastructure that serves as the department's foundation til this day.

In the last four years of his tenure at 2U, Dave managed operations for one of 2U's partner universities, George Washington University (GWU). From eliminating bottlenecks and manual processes, to managing the strategic outlook and assisting in growing the programs' enrollments and retention strategies, he spent the bulk of his time leading teams towards cohesive goals. On top of managing operations and integrations, he also project managed the launch of two deeply complex programs within GWU.