Darwin Abella

Chief Privacy Officer

Darwin serves as the Chief Privacy Officer of Noodle and is responsible for Information Systems and IT operations. In this role, he identifies security concerns, maintains the cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance scope for the company, as well as establishes policy in each of these areas. Across the ecosphere of the company, Darwin and his team endeavor to foster a culture of privacy. This involves designing, implementing, and ensuring compliance within the organization, addressing security framework, products, infrastructure, and software development lifecycle.

With over 15 years in IT leadership, including systems management, project management, data center operations, mission-critical infrastructure, and software-defined networks, Darwin is driving Noodle Partners forward as an agile, groundbreaking technology company. He is passionate about cultivating a work environment that promotes a sense of purpose, ownership, and meaning amongst his team members in order to deliver a superior product to Noodle Partners’ clients.

Whenever he can find spare time, Darwin enjoys family activities, gourmet cooking, great wine, and competitive sports.