Rebecca Sanders: Technical Customer Success Lead

November 25, 2020

Length of time at Noodle: 

1.5 years 

What’s an impactful experience you’ve had in your career that helped lead you here?

I was a middle school media & technology teacher right out of college. Having a firsthand experience of managing technology in the classroom while tending to my students changed my entire outlook on tech support. I quickly understood the importance of integrating high performing, best in class (& quickly evolving!) technology into education. I've been been working to support the ed tech industry ever since!

What do you love about what you do at Noodle?

I love improving processes and creating policies to enhance the employee experience! New hires now get what they need quickly and are trained to use our products in a streamlined manner!

It's also really exciting to increase bandwidth for the teams that join Noodle Support! By documenting and passing responsibilities to a central support team, we give our employees more time for innovation! We went from no ticketing system, to submitting when we needed help from someone on the Tech team, to using for all tech, HR, and Finance inquiries and the support team resolving half of those tickets!

Why should someone consider joining Noodle? 

The people & vibe! I have never been in such a positive innovative environment or felt more supported. 

How do you embrace joy outside of work? 

I love to cook and bake, especially with fancy sprinkles that I order online ;) I'm a member of a local wine club and love tasting new things. The weirder the better! 

I was also a film major in college and love rewatching the classics & foreign films and cannot wait to see a movie in a theater again! 

What’s your best-kept secret?

I regularly go to Broadway shows on weeknights by myself! (Then promptly memorize the soundtracks.) If I'm really doing my homework, I'll know all the words before I go!