Karen Pryor: Senior Enrollment Advisor

December 17, 2020

Length of time at Noodle:

1 year

What’s an impactful experience you’ve had in your career that helped lead you here?

My reasons for entering into a career in Enrollment didn't necessarily stem from an experience, but more so from my overall belief in the power of Education and the impact to the right level of advice can have on a person making such an important decision in their lives. I feel that I am truly helping a person reach their true potential in my role as a SEA and am honored to have the opportunity to do this daily. 

What do you love about what you do at Noodle Partners?

I love that Noodle is committed to creating impactful change within higher education. 

Why should someone consider joining Noodle Partners? 

As an employee of Noodle, your work as an employee is just as important as who you as a person. Your beliefs, thoughts, and ideas are truly heard. This makes the work environment one that anyone can feel comfortable in truly giving their all. 

How do you embrace joy outside of work? 

By enjoying each moment with my family. Working as a remote employee has made that even more of a reality. 

What’s your best-kept secret?

My intuitiveness as it relates to my role in Admissions. I feel it has allowed me to see beyond the need to just connect with a potential student at surface level, but to view them as a person seeking more than just an education.