Cat Hammett: Director of University Partnerships

November 25, 2020

Length of time at Noodle: 

1 year and 4 months 

What’s an impactful experience you’ve had in your career that helped lead you here?

Working in higher education and ed tech for the entirety of my career led me to Noodle. I have followed John Katzman for many years and have been a huge fan of his outlook on saving students money at the end of the day. So glad I am now a part of that mission. 

What do you love about what you do at Noodle?

Working directly with Deans and Provosts on a daily basis is very interesting. But I really love what I do because of my awesome team. The UP team is fun, driven and competitive. I love it. 

Why should someone consider joining Noodle? 

Culture. It is not a word a throw around, especially as a former recruiter. A good company culture is not built in a day and NP took the time to set a great foundation that carries on daily. The people and mission matter. 

How do you embrace joy outside of work? 

My family and friends. I am a weirdo and don't ever get is not in my nature. My family and friends bring me so much joy. Oh, and my awesome pups.

What’s your best-kept secret?

I am SCARED OF THE DARK. Seriously, terrified of the a grown adult.