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We are the nation’s fastest-growing online and lifelong knowledge network of universities, corporations and learners.

We’re different because we’re making world-class
education more accessible, transparent, collaborative, and on-demand than ever.

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Universities rely on us to go or grow online
We work as strategic partners to create online and hybrid programs that enhance student-faculty engagement, raise capacity and resilience, lower operational costs, and facilitate collaboration within our network of institutions.
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Learning never
exhausts the mind.
— Leonardo da Vinci

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Learners trust us to speed their education discovery and knowledge acquisition. On our Noodle Learn platform, students can discover the best pathways for their career aspirations, and then learn in a socially engaging, expert-supported and accessible way.
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Transform education. Pursue your passion.
And Noodlers (the almost 500 teammates who keep our network running) trust each other to work hard and deliver excellence because we share a commitment to make higher education more accessible and less expensive.
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