Diversity at Noodle

Why does Noodle kick ass? Our people. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for outstanding and innovative talent. That talent comes in all flavors. We value the diversity of thought that comes with a mix of backgrounds.

Census Data

Our headquarters are in New York, but only about 10% of our people live near NYC; there are Noodlers in three countries and forty-two US states. We try to get each department together a few times a year, and bring the whole company together once a year.

As for gender and ethnicity, here’s the census of Noodlers from December 2021, from the most junior folks (the interns) to the most senior (the C-suite, which includes the COO, CFO, etc). We analyze ourselves at the end of each year to look for any systemic bias overall or in any department, and publish this summary. In it, you can see the percentage of each tier with the relative base salaries of women versus men and people of color versus white people.
As you’ll note, we’re not perfect. But we’re a relatively diverse company committed to constant improvement, and to creating opportunities for folks of every gender and ethnicity to grow here.
–Allison Nugent
Chief People Officer

Profiles in Diversity

An organization is more than its statistics. Here are a few Noodlers who speak to the culture and values here.